The BC PNP Tech Pilot has been extended to June 2020 to provide B.C. tech employers with the continued ability to recruit and retain international talent. This is an area on which we focus. We have experience and special education to apply to clients who seek to enter Canada based on their technical skills and we work with companies seeking to fill a void in the BC economic environment. If you are a business owner and require highly specialized talent, call us for a smooth application process.

We are happy to see the province we call home develop a thriving B.C. tech sector, expanding all the time. We know there is a high demand for skilled workers in this area. Vancouver, British Columbia, in particular, is being viewed as a preferred location for new and emerging technologies, increasing the growth of domestic B.C. tech companies, and attracting skilled workers from around the world.

Tech entrepreneurs and skilled workers from other countries are growing B.C.’s technology sector, particularly in Vancouver and the surrounding area, partially based on Vancouver being a seaport that not only opens up to all of  Canada but is situated close to the U.S. border.

Our entire team is excited to help the tech sector grow, leading to more jobs for all British Columbians in the long run. B.C. is nurturing local talent by introducing students to tech earlier, expanding tech training and education in post-secondary institutions and creating work experience opportunities and we are experts at arranging thorough application packages for all scenarios.

The BC PNP Tech Pilot works to ensure the technology sector can attract and retain the talent it needs to continue to be strong and adaptable. This program can be the first step towards permanent immigration for in-demand foreign workers and international students.

BC PNP Tech Pilot features are based on service, timeliness, prioritization, and engagement in response to an industry that is driving economic growth in British Columbia.

  • “Service: A dedicated BC PNP concierge for tech employers provides tailored information and navigation assistance of immigration programs and processes.
  • Timeliness: Weekly invitations to apply are issued to qualified skilled tech workers, minimizing the wait for employers and their prospective employees.
  • Prioritization: Tech applications are prioritized during processing to meet the sector’s fast-paced demands.
  • Engagement: Continuous support to tech sector employers through proactive engagement activities and participation in key industry events.”

Eligible occupations for the Tech Pilot include 29 tech occupations that have been demonstrated to be in high demand by the tech sector. Prioritizing those tech occupations demonstrated to be in high demand within the BC tech sector will benefit economic growth and provide a high level of service to tech employers. See the complete list of the29 In-Demand Tech Occupations’ (PDF).

Technology companies hiring for occupations that are not eligible for the BC PNP Tech Pilot are still able to connect with the concierge service regarding their specific needs.

The BC PNP Tech Pilot is also being enhanced by reducing the eligibility requirement for a permanent full-time job offer, to a one-year full-time job offer. Those who apply under a Skills Immigration category in an eligible tech occupation must have a job offer of at least one year in length with at least 120 days remaining at the time of application to the BC PNP.

We know the ins-and-outs of all the related categories, so when you’re ready, contact us at our Toll-Free Number -1-800-531-MBIS or call Dr. Tofigh’s Vancouver cell number, 604-440-6221. If you are applying from Iran, we also have Dr. Sari, Director of our Middle East Department looking after those with business interests and skilled workers. See our Contact Page for more ways to get in touch.