I started to study and review Canadian Immigration Law in 1998 while still living in Iran. I loved learning all I could on the subject at the time and still find keeping up to date with what’s going on, analyzing the theory, history, and changes in the law in general quite interesting. At that time, living in Iran, I had no access to internet services or online resources but was fortunate enough to track down a man who prepared new rules, acts, and regulations in Canadian law himself. Living in the center of Iran, I was only too happy to bus the 450 kilometres to Tehran to meet with my source, sometimes on a monthly basis, and collect mainly the latest versions of Canadian Immigration Law along with some interesting changes in Canadian Law outside of immigration as well.

After working in the field of business and law in Iran for several years, in January 2011, I began my new life in Canada via the Federal Skilled Worker Program. I immediately began studying to become a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in Vancouver, BC, and upon graduating, I founded Migrating Bird Immigration Services in 2013. I quickly found immense satisfaction in being able to help people on many levels.

I continued to expand my education with Family Law courses which opened doors to reuniting families, a most satisfying result to achieve through Sponsorships, Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds, and Visitor Visas, and in the cases of the many Claims for Refugee Protection in Canada cases, I have successfully completed.

Helping refugees has become a great passion and I, along with my carefully chosen team, recognize the importance of doing our utmost to ensure those putting the chance of achieving protection, and elevated human rights in our hands will be well-served in every way. Nothing quite compares with knowing that one’s efforts have aided a person experiencing dangerous and oppressive circumstances to find safety and freedom and see them thriving and truly calm. The majority of my refugee cases involve those fleeing Iran and hearing about the horrendous injustices and oppressive laws directed at women, minority religions, ethnicities, political activists, and anyone deviating from the radical, ultra-strict Islamic imposed beliefs and behaviours only strengthens our resolve to help people find freedom, safety and a better life in Canada.

I find that my education and experience and understanding of Canadian and International Business Law has rounded out my abilities as an Immigration Consultant as it can be a real asset when dealing with entrepreneurs, skilled workers, business owners, as I am in a stronger position to advise and guide my clients on many levels.

In 2019 I decided to be a Canadian lawyer. I currently await the acceptance of my application, under process within the Law Societies of Canada. As the certificate of qualification would enable me to apply for acceptance into the BC Law Society, I excitedly await the opportunity to not only expand my ability to serve my clients but also help with areas in which  I have already been working for many years. I am currently enrolled in the 2021 ‘Law 509’ Fall Program at the Allard School of Law, ending ……………  UBC?


Educational achievements relating to immigration:

‘Master of International Law’ from the Mehr Arak Higher Education Institute in 2003

– ‘Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant’ Diploma – Ashton College, Vancouver, BC in 2012/13

– ‘Mastering Family Sponsorship, Spouse, and Children Certificate’ – L.A.P.E College, Vaughan, Ontario in 2015

– ‘Citizenship and Immigration Officer’ Diploma in 2018 – L.A.P.E College, Vaughan, Ontario

– Doctor of Philosophy in Public Law – Mehr Arak Higher Education Institute in 2019

– Master of International Commercial Law (LLM) – University of Salford, Manchester, UK in 2020

– Certificate in Immigration Tribunal Practice – Ashton College, Vancouver, BC in  2020


Employment and Work History:



In 2007, I started to write a weblog in Farsi language under name of my daughter, ‘Paniz’, which is available on the Internet now. I have continued with my studies and helped candidates in forums since 2007.

Volunteer Work:

From March 2014 to March 2018 I served as a Board Director on the Foundation Board and as a Member of the Policy Committee for the West Vancouver Memorial Library, West Vancouver Memorial Library