Changes to the law requesting a Student Visa

Changes to the law requesting a student visa

According to the Canadian Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship, the Study Permit Act makes the following changes that will make applicants happy.

  1. A number of applicants select a curriculum that ensures they have the pre-requisite one-year language studies courses before entering their main course. Students who have completed the pre-requisite language course can apply for a new ‘Professor Permits’ to carry on with their primary course of study. The new changes in Canada’s Study Permit Act provide that for qualifying the permit professor will be issued for a language course plus one more year of study. It is worth noting that these students will still be allowed to work.
  2. Changes to the law requesting a Student VisaApplicants with a tourist visa in Canada who intend to change the conditions from a visa-to-study visit may do so if they have received admission from one of the approved training centers of the Canadian Department of Immigration and filed their application for a Permit Master. As long as their tourist visa is still valid, they can begin their studies in order to receive the imperative master’s permission within the stated and specified time. It should be noted that if you receive a negative answer and a refusal to apply for an education visa, you must stop your education.
  3. From April 11, 2019, students who go to high school or from high school to post-secondary school, need not apply for and may receive a re-gaining proficiency if their professorship is not expired. They may continue to study at a higher level with the same master permit up to the expiration date of the permit.

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