In order to qualify for the Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Program, you must:

  • Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Program prove you have farm management skills with financial documentation of existing farm business
  • have the education, training, and work experience to operate the type of farm you wish to run
  • submit a business plan outlining all aspects of your proposed farming venture
  • show proof of the financial support of a Canadian financial institution
  • show documentation that you have sufficient financial resources to run your farm and support you and your family independent of the government
  • have at least $500,000.00 CAD in equity to invest in a primary production farming business in Alberta
  • show a minimum net worth of $500,000.00 CAD or prove you have access to similar funds from other sources
  • plan to invest in a primary production farming business in Alberta and show proof of an exploratory visit, financial, and business plans.

The Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Program is another competitive stream in Canada. You must prove that you have a viable plan to operate a successful business in Alberta and meet every criterion. Our team, with its vast immigration and business background, can make sure you ably demonstrate your potential to grow your business and be an asset to the economy and Alberta’s agricultural needs. We will help you prepare a successful package and have a positive interview with the AINP officers who will be determining your eligibility for being a good candidate for permanent resident status in their province.

Ask our informed team of immigration consultants for more information about applying to the Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Program. Migrating Bird Immigration Services Inc. offers complete service to ensure your application has no holes in it and is well-formatted. We also offer business advice from Dr. Thomas Tofigh – RCIC, LLM who you can email at,or call directly at001-(604)-440-6221.