Refugees find protection in Canada with MBIS’s help

Refugees find protection in Canada with MBIS's helpRefugees find protection in Canada with the expert help of Migrating Bird Immigration Services Inc. Our team of immigration specialists considers helping Convention refugees come to Canada or stay in Canada just about our most important service. We do it with care, attention to detail, a strong sense of compassion, human rights, and a thorough understanding of the law and what is required for a successful claim for protection in Canada.

We have a great deal of experience and success supporting ‘Basis of Claims’ covering a variety of cases dealing with human rights issues. Whether clients come to us for help proving discrimination, persecution, or imprisonment based on race, nationality, religion, being a member of a particular social group, or political opinions and activities, our team pours over every detail, meticulously edit the clients narrative, and diligently proves the case using a variety of exhibits from the sources acceptable to Canadian or International immigration officials.

In some countries, just being a woman is a ‘basis of claim’, under ‘being a member of a particular social group’ who has endured discrimination, lack of protection from discrimination and violence, overly restrictive rules for dress code and behaviour, diminished human rights, and a marked and unjust difference in law and traditions pertaining to men and women. We are specialists at proving such cases and work hard to ensure women find safety in Canada from threats to their wellbeing and are able to enjoy a heightened level of human rights and freedoms.

Many of our clients ask to help us with religious-based claims due to facing difficulties regarding discrimination or punishment for not conforming to radical rules around practices and behaviour. Religious freedom is a human right all should have, and we are very pleased to have been involved in allowing men and women the right to worship as they please and escape restrictions and unjust laws created by those in radical regimes and strict fundamentalist societies.

Political opinion and actions are used far too often to persecute people in such radical countries. We feel strongly that simple activism or having an opinion that is critical of a government or powerful group should not end you up in prison, fired from your position, or persecuted in any way. We have tackled many cases that fall under this category, including those involving corruption, which can be a tricky basis of claim to prove sometimes. We scour exhibits for obscure examples of corruption, unjust treatment, and laws so that people who in the eyes of most of the world have done no wrong can enjoy freedom outside their home country.

Race and nationality have caused far too many people to face discrimination as far as education, employment, politics, and more. Our team of immigration experts approaches substantiating such cases with the same determination to prove unfair practices treatment, laws, and consequences. Often such cases are combined with other bases of claims and we work to produce submission letters and lists of exhibits that pack as much vital evidence and storyline as possible into the document without being repetitive and redundant.

Appeals and Refusals are a reason some clients turn to experienced professionals such as Dr. Thomas Tofigh and his team of immigration specialists. Sometimes claimants have a valid case, but vital information or an important step has been left out of the process. Our thorough understanding of the law and immigration process has helped many a grateful client have their decision turned around. We of course will be very straight with you as to your situation and chances of reversing a judgment and only take on clients whose circumstances truly make them worthy of protection in Canada.

So if you are inside or outside of Canada, and feel you have a valid ‘basis of claim’, talk to Dr. Thomas Tofigh, or one of his team members, to have your situation accessed, and we will let you know if we feel you have an excellent chance of finding protection in Canada. Once committed, we give every effort to achieving a successful judgment in your favour. It is our honour to help good people find protection and a better life in our great country.

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