Testimonials for Migrating Bird Immigration Services Inc.

Testimonals for Migrating Bird Immigration Services Inc.“Migrating Bird Immigration Services, especially its president, Mr. Tofigh is incredible. He is full of knowledge, honesty, and commitment. I would like to say thanks, nothing else.”  Mehran Azarmpour

“When I was applying for Canada, I could not find anybody like Mr. Tofigh in honesty as well as customer orientation. He really has great knowledge and experience in the immigration and visa process. My family and I are appropriate all of the efforts that Migrating Bird Inc. has done for us”. Reza Khorrami

“It’s praiseworthy. I did not have any information about migration to Canada and the process of a job offer for myself along with family. A friend introduced Mr. Tofigh to me. With his utmost sincerity, tact, thoughtfulness, responsibility, compassion, and high academic ability, I achieved my goals. Now It’s time to thank his endless efforts to provide my family with a better chance to live and a better future to build.” Shain Mahboubi

“The Migration Bird team has been highly efficient and extremely knowledgeable in providing us with helpful advice and a follow-up service which is fast and reliable. They respond to your phone calls, emails, and letters; and communicate as an individual rather than a case number. I would highly recommend Migration Bird for your migration needs; Mr. Amir H. Tofigh is great!” FB

“He is very professional, knowledgeable, responsible, and up to date. I highly recommend him to anybody who wants to open a file for immigration of any kind or has any issues in this regard.” FB
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