Alberta PNPs

Alberta is a beautiful province abounding with wide expanses of wilderness, rural communities, and cities such as Edmonton and Calgary. There are historic sites and museums, libraries, provincial art, and artifact collections to visit in person and online. The Oil Industry brought a great deal of business and immigrants to the province over the years. Farming is still huge in Alberta. If you have a viable new business to start or are able to buy into an existing farm operation, the land is rich and supports a variety of agricultural and animal farming. The Alberta Media Fund helps generate cultural industries. That industry’s growth has appeared to have leveled off, but there are lots more opportunities in the province. Speak to our team about your reason for going to Alberta and we’ll offer advice and answer your questions.

There have been several changes made to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Programs in the past year. The Skilled and Semi-Skilled Worker programs have ended. If you fall into that category, please investigate the Alberta Opportunity Stream instead. Migrating Bird deals with applications made to Alberta, since it is right next door to British Columbia. If you need help working and settling in the beautiful province of Alberta, contact us for a free assessment.

Alberta Provincial Nominee Programs

Streams for Workers – For foreign workers who are living and working in Alberta, or plan to live and work here:

Alberta Opportunity Stream

Alberta Express Entry Stream 

Entrepreneur Streams – For entrepreneurs who plan to live in Alberta and buy or start a business in the province:

Alberta Post-Graduation Work Permit Holders 

Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream 

Call 001-(604)-440-6221 or email for advice and help to complete and submit your application package to any one of the Alberta PNPs. You can fill out our Free Assessment form found on our contact page.