Refugees applying within CanadaThe Migrating Bird Immigration team has a great deal of experience helping Refugees applying within Canada. We have handled cases of all kinds where clients are making claims for protection in Canada from within many parts of the country. We are experts in this area and have an excellent success rate due to our thorough and diligent approach. We walk you through every step of the way starting with overseeing your writing a detailed narrative describing your story of experiencing discrimination, persecution, and/or imprisonment based on one or more of the Convention refugee factors, including race, religion, nationality, being a member of a particular social group or political opinion and activities. We take on every single basis of claim with a passion to achieve protection in our great country, where your human rights are sure to be observed. If you find yourself applying for refugee protection within Canada, you can count on our team to do our very best on your behalf.

You can apply at a port of entry, such as an airport, seaport, or land border. An officer assesses your refugee claim and decides if your claim is eligible to be referred to the Immigration Refugee Board. If your claim is eligible you will be given a document confirming that your claim has been referred to the IRB, and have 15 days to complete all forms in the application package and submit them to the IRB.

You can make a refugee claim in Canada at certain IRCC offices. You are required to have all the forms in your application package completed and with you and will not have an interview scheduled until you do so. If your claim is viewed as eligible you will be given a date for your IRB hearing.

One of the reasons refugee claimants come to us is because through some omission of information or mishandling of their case, a change in law, etc. their case was rejected and they feel that another submission should bring them refugee status. Our expertise has helped multiple claims be successful the second time, due to our comprehensive approach and knowledge of immigration law, so if you find yourself in need of an appeal, contact our team.

The application package is extremely important and must be prepared with care, accuracy, and thoroughness. It covers your background, family, and why you want to make a claim for refugee protection. Our team creates comprehensive reports to substantiate your claims of mistreatment. Our Submission Letters and comprehensive Lists of Exhibits to substantiate your claim are a big reason for our high success rate. We spend hours and hours covering and proving every detail. Our own sense of human rights activism rises to meet every challenge in the vast array of cases we have covered. Research is key for most refugee claims and in this area, we shine!

Migrating Bird Immigration Services helps Refugees applying within CanadaWe accompany you to all your hearings at the IRB, where you hopefully will receive a Confirmation of Referral. We highly recommend getting the help of a professional, experienced immigration consultant for this process, especially if English is not your first language. We provide translators and editors to make your package complete and well-presented.

At Migrating Bird Immigration Services, we are adept and dedicated to attaining positive results. We do not take cases in which we don’t fully believe the candidates for refugee status have a true, viable chance of achieving protection in Canada.

For Refugees applying within Canada, call our team of dedicated immigration specialists at 001 604-440-6221 for excellent help with your claim. Also, see our page on Refugees Applying Outside of Canada.