The International Mobility Program – Canadian Interests International Mobility Program - Canadian interestsprogram accommodates those who have a relatively unique background, or social or cultural ability to positively affect the Canadian economy and people.

Depending on the individual applying for this category, a person would require some combination of education, training, work experience, special talent, a social following, financial and entrepreneurial capability to entertain or operate their own business.

If allowed to enter Canada on a temporary basis, their presence would have to be of some cultural and/or economic value to the country and then Vancouver Immigration Consultantsleave once the venture or event is over.

Applicants are permitted a Dual intent whereby they enter the country on a temporary visa while they have a permanent resident application in process. It is most important the individual satisfies IRCC officers that they will leave Canada before their temporary visa expires. We are here to help with all these details.[/su_accordion]

IRCC has published the following description of the person who may apply for the International Mobility Program – Canadian interests:

Canadian interests

“205  A work permit may be issued outside Canada under section 200 if the work for which the permit is requested satisfies one or both of the following conditions:

  • (a)create or maintain economic, cultural, or economic opportunities or benefits for Canadian citizens or permanent residents;
  • (b)it creates or maintains the reciprocal employment of Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada in other countries;
  • (c)is designated by the Minister as work that may be performed by foreign nationals, based on the following criteria:
    • (i)the work is related to a research program,
    • (i.1)it is an essential part of a post-secondary general education, academic or vocational program offered by a designated educational institution within the meaning of section 211.1,
    • (i.2)it is an essential part of a high school program:
      • (A)vocational training offered by a designated educational institution located in the Province of Québec,
      • (B)offered by a designated educational institution requiring students to hold a job in order to obtain a high school diploma;
    • (ii)limited access to the labor market in Canada is justifiable for reasons of public interest in relation to the competitiveness of Canadian academic institutions or the economy;
  • d)it is religious or charitable”. SOR / 2014-14, ss. 7

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