Canadian Business Immigration Programs

The Canadian Federal Immigrant Investor Program is closed and no longer accepting applications. There are many other programs still available to you if you wish to invest in a business in Canada.

All the Canadian Business Immigration Programs require attention to detail in determining if you meet the criteria and have the support documents to prove that you qualify. That is where an experienced and diligent certified Immigration Consultant becomes a valued partner in your quest. We explain the programs to you in detail and ensure you present your documents well. We provide advice and information on viability and business plans. The applicants must meet a great many demands as far as education, experience, having done due diligence as far as researching areas, what the market will bear, having worked out a comprehensive business plan, having the financial resources, and more.

Canada is a huge country and there are many business opportunities available for those who wish to work hard and come with the appropriate skills and background. Your first step may be to acquire a visitor visa in order to scout areas, local economic climates, etc. so you can decide if your business enterprise is even viable. Talking to local business people and advisors can be invaluable in the decision-making process when applying to Canadian Business Immigration Programs.

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You can contact Dr. Thomas Tofigh and take advantage of his vast background in both Canadian and International Business and Law for solid advice on Canadian business-related immigration programs.