Migrating Bird Immigration Services Inc. in Vancouver, Canada offers the help you need for a thorough and professional application submitted to the Canadian Immigration Programs. Categories include Canadian Work Visas, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Visitor Visas, Study Visas, Refugees, and Family Sponsorships. Let us guide you through to a successful outcome in your quest to visit, work or settle in this great country.

Our Edge – Our founder and managing director is our edge. Dr. Thomas Tofigh – RCIC, LLM, DBA leads our immigration team, combining years of experience working as a certified Immigration Consultant with his extensive background in law and business. With a master’s degree in International Commercial Law with a Ph.D. in International Law, he provides excellent well-rounded advice and guidance. This wealth of knowledge and information can save you a lot of time and help you avoid errors, omissions, and pitfalls. It is especially useful when dealing with Refusals and Appeals. Have the valuable experience and training of a certified Immigration Consultant guiding each step of your application process.

Our immigration team understands the required criteria, documentation, translating, writing and editing ‘Explanation and Submission Letters’ that accompany applications to IRCC, IRB, CBSA, UNHCR, and other agencies. Our attention to detail will make the difference in producing a professional-looking and reading letter, resume and entire package for Work or Study Permits or applying to Business streams. Our letters for sponsorships and refugee applications are succinct, yet compelling and filled with pertinent information. Our ‘Lists of Exhibits’ are well researched and presented for maximum impact. The goal of the Migrating Bird Immigration Services team is to present the very best application we can for your success.

Our experience is your gain and we do our very best to serve you well! Get a Free Assessment and outline your best path to Canada. Put yourself in the hands of consultants who have your best interests at heart on all fronts and the knowledge to tackle any immigration challenges you may face. Our attention to detail and our ability to know the right choices to make for you can be an invaluable asset when you are competing against so many for the opportunity to come to Canada.

For expert advice regarding visiting, working or settling in Canada, call North Vancouver's award-winning Immigration Consultant team TOLL-FREE at 1-(800)-531-MBIS.
Fill out our contact form for your FREE ASSESSMENT. Migrating Bird Immigration Services Inc. Head Office: 325 – 2030 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7P 1V7.  Email: info@mbis.ca Telephone: 001(604)-362-1969 or 1-(800)-531-6247; SEE OUR WEBSITE IN FARSI  Rasht, Iran Office: 013-33242041.

Contact Dr. Thomas Tofigh directly at 001-(604)-440-6221; Email: amir@mbis.ca; Skype: amirhossein.tofigh. 

     ICCRC Member Dr. Tofigh of Migrating Bird Immigration Services Inc.


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