Dr. Afsaneh Sari

Dr. Afsaneh Sari – Director of Middle East Dept.

Migrating Bird is honoured to have Dr. Afsaneh Sari join our team and focus on Business People and Skilled Workers from the Middle East who wish to work, invest or immigrate to Canada. We look forward to benefitting from her skill set, making Migrating Bird Immigration Services Inc, a stronger team. Dr. Sari has a Ph.D. in private law with a specialization in bank and insurance affairs as well as international arbitration. She has an MA in International Trade Law and a BA in Law. She also has a BA and MA in Arabic Language and Literature.

Afsaneh has written many articles on banking and arbitration as well as women’s rights, specifically, a comparison between women’s rights and freedoms in Iran and other countries. As a team championing the human rights of individuals for years, we certainly appreciate her background in addressing human rights issues, world religions and more. To take advantage of Afsaneh’s expertise, email her at afsaneh@mbis.ca.


Islamic Azad University, UAE – Ph.D. in Study Private Law, 2012 – International Business Law – (Lawyer, Legal Adviser, International Arbitration, International ContractIslamic Azad Universitys)

Islamic Azad University, UAE  – Masters of International Business Law

The University of Shiraz, Iran – Bachelor of Law – International Business Law

Master of Arabic Language and Literature – Azad University, UAE (Graduated on top of the class-  Science and Research Branch)

Bachelor of Arabic Language and Literature – Azad University, Iran


Lecturer in Azad University – Shahr Ghods – University of Kar- Ghazvin Lecturer in Azad University – UAE – Shahriar

Lecturer in Azad University of Science and Technology – Institute of Cultural and Human Sciences Studies – Payame Noor University of UAE

Bachelor of Law Attorney and Legal Advisor – (Dr. Ahmed Saeed)

Dr. Ahmad AL Jahvari Law Office, Sultanate of Oman  – Lawer & legal consultant, Apr. 2017 – Aug. 2019,

MG Groupe – Deputy CEO, Sept. 2016 to 2019

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