Thomas Tofigh, RCIC, LLM, Ph.D., Managing Director

The area of Canadian and International immigration is quite vast and our founder and managing director Dr. Thomas Tofigh, RCIC, LLM. keeps abreast of it all. When you are looking for more than just efficiency and attention to detail in completing a well-produced professional application to enter Canada, Dr. Tofigh has a proven track record of success. He has been certified as an Immigration Consultant –(No. R509045) since 2013 by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). In 2018 he earned the diploma of Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Officer and currently acts as an Official Consultant to the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council on matters of immigration law and procedure. This involves years of research and activities surrounding applicants interested in immigrating to Canada. In 2015 he received a Certification of Specialization – Mastering family sponsorship, spouse and children application process within Canada and Overseas. Thomas is also a Commissioner of Oaths for the government of British Columbia, The Commissioner for Taking Affidavits by the Order in Council Administration Office in the Ministry of Attorney General.

Allow no errors or omissions in your application when you have Thomas on your team. He is well-versed in Canadian and International procedures and requirements and ensures his staff knows what to do and will do it well! Email him at and find out how his in-depth knowledge of Canadian and International Immigration and Business Law.

Along with his years of experience working as an Immigration Consultant, Thomas brings to the table an extensive education in areas advantageous to those coming to Canada via business or investment streams. Dr. Tofigh recently was awarded a Master’s Degree in International Commercial Law and a Ph.D. in Public Law. This combination makes him a valuable asset to have on your side, to not only present the best application for the right program for you in general, but to deal with the complex, and exacting criteria involved with the financial streams into Canada.

Dr. Tofigh can provide guidance in all aspects of Canadian immigration as well as Canadian and International business and law. When you need a solid source for your investment and/or entrepreneurial ventures in Canada, call our expert. He is able to provide business advice, answer questions about the Canadian economy, potential locations for settlement, etc. Having worked for years in business internationally and as a business owner, Dr. Tofigh also brings practical hands-on experience about owning a business in Canada and abroad.

Click on the files below for a complete list of Dr. Thomas Tofigh’s education and work experience:

Dr. Thomas Tofigh - RCIC, LLM - Complete Education
– Mehr-e Arak – Ph.D. in Public Law , 2015 – 2019

– The University of Salford – Master’s Degree, International Commercial Law, 2018 – 2020

– Diploma, Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Officer, 2017 to 2018

– Certification of Specialization – Mastering family sponsorship, spouse and children application process  In-Canada and Overseas, 2015

– British Columbia Institute of Technology – BCIT Certificate, Operations Management, 2011 – 2013

– APICS CPIM – Certificate in Production and Inventory Management, 2011

– Ashton College – Diploma, Canadian Immigration Consultant, 2012

– NWRC – Postgraduate Diploma, Professional Software Development, 2008 – 2009

– Mehr-e Arak – Master of International Law, 2001 – 2003

– Islamic Azad University – Bachelors’ Degree in Mining Engineering, 1990 – 1996

Thomas Tofigh - RCIC, LLM, Ph.D. - Work Experience
Migrating Bird Immigration Services Inc., North Vancouver
Owner and President – Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, June 2013 to Present

MBIS Marketing Consultants, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Owner and President, Oct. 2018 to Present

CANBC Trading Inc., North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Owner and President, May 2018 to Present

Hue Graphic Inc., North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Owner and President, Oct. 2015 to Present

Rana Consulting Group Inc.
Chief Operating Officer, Nov. 2016 to Mar. 2018

UniCan Immigration, West Vancouver, BC Canada
Immigration Case Manager, Mar. 2012 to Dec. 2013
– Prepared and managed client applications for their respective immigration streams.
– Consulted with clients, advising them on Canadian immigration law, policies and procedures.
– Managed cases before and after landing in Canada including immigration program requirements.

IMM Business Solution Inc, Vancouver, BC Area in Canada
Sales & Marketing Director, Nov. 2011 to Feb. 2012
– Researched new markets for kitchenware
– Determined new market channels
– Contacted follow-ups on sales prospects
– Coordinated with marketing groups to facilitate functions
– Provided status reports to management

Merat Poolad Eng. Co.
Supply Chain Planner, Apr. 2001 to Apr. 2008
– Developed purchasing policies, procedures, controlled purchasing dept. – $10,000,000 budget
– Identified vendors for bulk materials, equipment, or supplies
– Supervised the negotiation of and awarded purchase contracts
– Evaluated cost and quality of goods or services
– Supervised the entire process from purchasing decision through to receipt and consumption

Poolad Machine Company
Expert in Technical and Safety Services, Sept. 1996 to Apr. 2001
– Programmed Economic systems to decrease inventory costs
– Analyzed and developed a structure for 10% year over year cost reduction
– Prepared ‘Repairing Timing Graphs’ to conduct repairing activities on time

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