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Canada's Refugee Programs.

Refugee Programs offered by Canada help Convention refugees who face discrimination, persecution, and imprisonment based on race, nationality, religion, being a member of a particular social group, or political opinion. Read about the Canadian and International Refugee Programs that can lead to protection in Canada. Our team has the experience, knowledge and human rights sensibility to create thorough Submission Letters and Lists of Exhibits for Canada’s Refugee Programs.

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Temporary Visas are available to those who wish to assess communities for investment and entrepreneurial opportunities, study, visit or work in Canada. Our team covers all the bases when it comes to providing the help you need with any of these streams:

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Business Immigration Programs

Business Immigration Programs are our specialty. Dr. Tofigh – RCIC, LLM, and Dr. Sari, LLD have advanced degrees in International Business Law, which adds to our ability to help with Corporate Immigration, Entrepreneurs, bringing Specialists and Intra-Company Transferees to Canada, and more. The Canadian Business Immigration Programs we help with include:

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Immigration Refusals and Appeals often require professional help to resolve issues. If you’ve been denied entry into Canada due to an inadequate package in the eyes of IRCC, and need help with ensuring all the details are covered or feel you have legitimate grounds for an appeal of your decision, our team can help. Our track record says it all, whether it is an entrepreneurial program, family sponsorship, or a request for protection in Canada. We cover:

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